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Clothes Make The Man- Proper Fit- Day 1

Well friends, we’ve talked about hygiene.  You understand now that there is no beauty without proper grooming, don’t you.  Lipstick can’t do it’s magic over yellow teeth, highlights are useless in dirty hair… you get the idea.

You know a little bit about makeup, and hopefully I’ve pointed you to a couple trustworthy sources where you can research different techniques to your heart’s content.  Please don’t go TOO crazy with your makeup.  Remember that the idea is to look like YOU, only better.  Natural is ALWAYS ladylike.

It’s time to start talking about clothes.  You know that phrase “Clothes make the man”?  Well, it’s not true.  But it’s PRETTY true!  So listen up, girls and guys, ’cause these tips are essential for anyone.

TIP #1- FIT:  We’re going to start with the very most basic facts that are crucial to know.  Let’s pretend that we live in a world where there are only white shirts and blue jeans.  Ignore styles and colors for now.  The most important thing about your clothes is how they fit.


Wearing pants that are too tight make a person’s belly seem larger than it really is.

If it feels uncomfortable, then it looks uncomfortable. If it looks uncomfortable, then it’s uncomfortable to look at. Make sense?

Clothing that is too tight makes a person seem larger than they really are.  It squeezes chub in an unattractive way.  Girls, clothes that are too tight also send a message to the boys you’re with.  It doesn’t say, “Check me out!  I’m such a desirable girl.  I’m so hot.”  That’s what you’re hoping it’ll communicate.  It actually says, “I’m REALLY needing you to check me out right now.  Pleeeease check me out.  I’ll accept any attention you can give me.” Remember that when you pick out your clothes.

If you can see gaps in your button-up shirt, it’s too tight.


Yikes, I hate seeing people in clothes that are too big.  Baggy clothes are just so awkward looking, and they appear sloppy no matter what.  Let’s look at some examples of clothing that is too loose:

“Hi, I’m 12 and haven’t hit puberty yet!  Wait, no… that’s just my size XL shirt talking…”

Wanna find pictures of people wearing clothes that are too big?  Google “frumpy”.  You’ll hit the jackpot!

Yep, too loose. All of it.

These pants are 100% too loose.

Let’s talk about how to buy clothes that fit properly.  The first thing you need to do is take your measurements.  Now is not the time for wishful thinking.  No, you cannot subtract 3 inches from your waist and add them to your bust!  Naughty, naughty!  Let’s be accurate, folks.  Once you’ve looked at a few sizing charts, you’ll have a pretty good idea if you’re a small, medium, size 0, size 14, whatever.

Regardless of your size, you need to buy shirts that are long and lean.  Short, boxy-looking shirts make for short, boxy-looking people.  So if you’re an XL on top, you need a shirt that is long and skims your sides.  If you’re an XS on top, you need a shirt that is long and skims your sides.

This shirt has a nice, very relaxed fit.

A fitted t-shirt is usually made out of stretchy material so that it hugs the body. You may want to buy one size bigger than usual to avoid the body-squeezing, chub-hugging too-tightness that can happen with stretchy materials.

Is there anything sissy about a guy wearing a shirt that skims his sides? I submit that there is not.

Pants are tricky, but that’s what sizing charts are for.  Find your proper size and try it on in the store.  Does it feel too snug?  Ok, buy one size bigger.  Too loose?  Try a smaller size.  You’re not going to notice anything crazy fit-wise unless you’re buying clothes that are several sizes too big/small.

A WORD ON MODESTY:  “Modest is hottest”- I agree with that, ladies.  I really do.  What I don’t agree with is girls feeling like their body is something dirty that needs to be hidden.  Your body is a lovely thing and you are allowed, even encouraged, to be attractive to boys.  You will develop a bosom, and that’s exciting!  Love your bosom!  It’s so feminine!  When you turn to the side, does your shirt squeeze the life out of your bosom?  If you can see the underwire of your bra, that shirt is too dang tight.  Does your shirt rest loosely on your bosom and then drop off straight to the floor?  That’s a wee bit loose, my friend, and it’s not necessary.

When you turn to the side, your shirt (if it’s a tee-shirt style) should follow the curve of your bosom and then lightly skim your waist, and end somewhere below the button of your jeans.  That’s a very proper, modest fit.


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7 thoughts on “Clothes Make The Man- Proper Fit- Day 1

  1. Katherine on said:

    Ugh, clothing shopping can be a total nightmare. I think the most important thing you can do is have a really good understanding of YOUR body type and sticking to the shapes that flatter your shape. Also, don’t be frustrated if the size that fits you best is a large when you swear you are a medium. Remember that different clothing brands size clothes differently. Also remember that no one knows what size you bought, and that’s how it should be. The only time that I notice the size of a persons clothes is when they are wearing the wrong size. As long as it fits, it doesn’t matter what size it is.

  2. Totally agree, Katie. Beautifully put.

  3. When I see people waddling about in ill-fitting clothes I want to slap them and say,” Geez you look rediculous. Did you want to look rediculous?” I want to say,”look, if you don’t have the body for sexy then go for flattering.” That’s what I do. I’m too old to go for sexy so I go for flattering.
    Love this blog. Jess, you’re awesome. I can tell you’re going to pick right up where Opra leaves off.

  4. I totally agree, flattering is best. You’re never too old or young to wear something that is flattering and attractive.

  5. This is a great series, and I like the way you walk through different ways to tell exactly what type of fit a woman should be looking for.

    If you’re interested, I’d love to have some type of summary post that would link to your series on our site, Is This Modest, so that it could help our readers to see what they should be shooting for!

  6. I think that sounds great! I checked out your site, and I’m impressed. Let me know what I can do to make this happen.

  7. I agree with your statement.

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